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The Student Guidance Service (Servicio de Orientación al Universitario – SOU) is an advisory service for the entire University community that offers free information, academic guidance, and counselling in several areas.

The SOU helps with initial requests for general information and, if necessary, refers more specific questions to other departments of either the SOU or other University Services.

On our website you will find detailed information about the different departments that make up the SOU, as well as the activities and services it runs and manages, such as accommodation, a recreation and leisure library (The Travel Library), general academic information, psychopedagogic orientation, counselling regarding university regulations, language exchanges, the organisation of the Welcome Fair for University of Salamanca (USAL) students, visits and lectures at secondary education centres, and attendance to education fairs—among other activities.

The SOU has a main office, three Information Points on the different University of Salamanca campuses, and three Information Points on the campuses in Ávila, Béjar, and Zamora.

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